All About flash games online

Few people know what an MMOG is. Usually they say – this is an online game like wow / la2, etc. Actually, not exactly. MMOG with English Massive Multiplayer Online Game, which means Multiplayer Online Game. We disassemble in order.

Multiplayer is the ability to play the game simultaneously from two or more players. This is not necessarily a network! Remember the race on Sony Playstation – the screen is divided in half … That’s what it means multiplayer.

In conjunction with the word Massive multiplayer turned into a multiplayer game, i.e. presence of a large number of players in the game.

Online – the ability to play the game on the network (local network, Internet). Those. play one game with multiple computers.

Now you understand what an MMOG is. But, if you look at the exact genre of Vov, La2, then you will see the following: MMORPG.

The first three characters tell us it’s an MMO

Next comes the genre RPG – role-playing game (other genres can be read on Wikipedia).

Why do you ask? Then, to know which technology to choose, how difficult it is to do, etc. If you want to do an Online Naval Battle, then it’s much easier than Online Survival Racing.

So, first we have to make a choice, what will we do. Next, make a diesel drive. This will describe what you want to receive.

Depending on what you want to do, you will need:

Database (bd) – the location of data about the game, users. In any game (even single) there is a means of data storage. So if you want to create a game, then you need to deal with the bd. For beginners who want to make an MMO, I would advise MySQL (one of the DBMS, ie the database management system), because it is easy to learn. It is delivered in the Open Server package together with the web server. Very convenient thing. The topic of the Database will be articles, so do not be scared, you can study and understand everything.