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Joining the team or creating your own, you know about its members is negligible and basically have to rely on the information that they themselves report about themselves. Trusting a person or not, whether to report on their plans, whether to use your game resources – all this you will have to decide for yourself, at the risk, of course, lose all that they shared.

You become more observant. Accidentally abandoned words, the manner of communication, behavior in one or another situation, your intuition – everything matters.

Any act of his character in a world where there are no moral, moral and legislative restrictions can be explained by the phrase “this is just a game”. Be attentive: there is a huge difference between the goods taken away from the enemy coalition and the situation when a person plays for several months in a team trying to be closer to the general cash desk, and one day it’s not good for your guild to assign this entire cash desk, hiding in the night.

Do not think that someone has acted meanly, because the mechanics of the game do not punish for this, because he is now in a bad mood, a difficult period in his life, because “he just joked” or the victim of his meanness is to blame. A person does this only because he likes to do this, and in the game there is little that can stop him, and everyone decides for himself what is right and what is not.

If you are lucky, you will find people in the game with whom you may not be associated with especially trusting and tender relationships, but who nevertheless will remain with you for a long time. This will be a team with which you can plunge into any online world, knowing that later you will not regret the time spent.

Even if all your pastime in an online game boils down to meditative fishing, you need to prepare for it. Just like in real life, a juicy trout is not caught aby where on the dug right on the site of the worm.

In most cases, already at the stage of creating a character, you will have to choose the direction in which it will develop, and it is better to think it out in advance.