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Computer games are a way of rest, a source of inspiration and an opportunity to become better. Stop being ashamed of your “non-serious” hobbies, use them for personal development and start to get real pleasure!

In our society, attitudes toward games are at best condescending. While a person visits a kindergarten and, in the opinion of the majority, nothing is particularly busy, the game is a way to get to know the world. With the appearance of social duties like school attendance, she suddenly becomes something inappropriate, returning occasionally in high school in psychology classes and (if you’re lucky) at corporate events, and only youngest cadres are able to enjoy the games there.

Meanwhile, regardless of your age, the game remains an excellent form of gaining experience. While your world is very limited by the circle of communication and work, computer games open up a lot of opportunities for expanding its borders. A special place among them is occupied by MMORPG – Massively multiplayer online role-playing game, characterized by the presence of an extensive game world, existing regardless of your presence in it. A world where your age, gender, appearance, presence of influential relatives objectively does not matter is an excellent platform for training your abilities, and it’s up to you how you use this opportunity.

No matter how tempting the role of a single hero in a multiplayer game looks, most of the actions for a successful completion or a pleasant continuation require the help of other characters. Just like in real life, achieving their goals is much easier for those with more social ties.

The played group in the MMO is usually a few players, each of which performs its role and spends much of the time together with the team. Whatever the role, you need to know how your partner will behave in a particular situation and how you can support or strengthen him, who to help first, and who can do on his own. And, of course, you need to be sure that your character will not stay with the enemy one on one. All this requires long trainings, discussions, disputes, the ability to compromise