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Papa’s Games are fun and creative chef-style restaurant games brought to you by Flipline Studios. 16 games, each with a different restaurant theme, featuring an employee working their way up the hierarchy of the restaurant. Starting at, you can earn promotions and wage increases the better you get. The game’s main focus isn’t time, as is often the case with other games with a similar M.O.. The customer’s rating, the pay, the tips, the points, and the employee’s position all depend on the quality of the dish and the presentation. Waiting time is considered in the overall scheme of things, along with ingredients, cooking time, and presentation. Papa’s Games follows the story of their entrepreneurial namesake Papa Louie – an exciting chef always up for an adventure. Each game opens with a short skit showing an employee arriving to the restaurant to find out that they are running the show themselves. The games have four stages in the restaurant process – order station, prep station, cooking station, and plating station. The employee must work his/her way up the ranks by getting better and faster at handling multiple orders from customers with a variety of requests. However, as stated above, hard work does not go unrecognized.

There is so much to love about all of these games. With names like Papa’s Donuteria, Papa’s Burgeria, Papa’s Taco Mia!, and Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack!, you know these games are gonna be good. The graphics are great and the concept of the game is different from similar games on the market. I like that its not about time, but quality. I have family and friends that have played at least one of these games, and it has actually been apart of our family digital game night. There are so many different restaurants to choose from and the processes are unique to the restaurant. Not to mention that you’re actually working for something. It may just be me, but I do see a message in this game. The employee works their way up, earning promotions and increased wages, and the menu gets better because the employee is working hard delivering quality service and being rewarded. I never have a problem with my kids playing this game, and it’s actually fun! Papa’s Games offers so many great games and their available on multiple platforms. I can play on my laptop, tablet, or phone. And I have different games on every device. All 16 games are available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Amazon Appstore for Android.

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Computer games are a way of rest, a source of inspiration and an opportunity to become better. Stop being ashamed of your “non-serious” hobbies, use them for personal development and start to get real pleasure!

In our society, attitudes toward games are at best condescending. While a person visits a kindergarten and, in the opinion of the majority, nothing is particularly busy, the game is a way to get to know the world. With the appearance of social duties like school attendance, she suddenly becomes something inappropriate, returning occasionally in high school in psychology classes and (if you’re lucky) at corporate events, and only youngest cadres are able to enjoy the games there.

Meanwhile, regardless of your age, the game remains an excellent form of gaining experience. While your world is very limited by the circle of communication and work, computer games open up a lot of opportunities for expanding its borders. A special place among them is occupied by MMORPG – Massively multiplayer online role-playing game, characterized by the presence of an extensive game world, existing regardless of your presence in it. A world where your age, gender, appearance, presence of influential relatives objectively does not matter is an excellent platform for training your abilities, and it’s up to you how you use this opportunity.

No matter how tempting the role of a single hero in a multiplayer game looks, most of the actions for a successful completion or a pleasant continuation require the help of other characters. Just like in real life, achieving their goals is much easier for those with more social ties.

The played group in the MMO is usually a few players, each of which performs its role and spends much of the time together with the team. Whatever the role, you need to know how your partner will behave in a particular situation and how you can support or strengthen him, who to help first, and who can do on his own. And, of course, you need to be sure that your character will not stay with the enemy one on one. All this requires long trainings, discussions, disputes, the ability to compromise

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Joining the team or creating your own, you know about its members is negligible and basically have to rely on the information that they themselves report about themselves. Trusting a person or not, whether to report on their plans, whether to use your game resources – all this you will have to decide for yourself, at the risk, of course, lose all that they shared.

You become more observant. Accidentally abandoned words, the manner of communication, behavior in one or another situation, your intuition – everything matters.

Any act of his character in a world where there are no moral, moral and legislative restrictions can be explained by the phrase “this is just a game”. Be attentive: there is a huge difference between the goods taken away from the enemy coalition and the situation when a person plays for several months in a team trying to be closer to the general cash desk, and one day it’s not good for your guild to assign this entire cash desk, hiding in the night.

Do not think that someone has acted meanly, because the mechanics of the game do not punish for this, because he is now in a bad mood, a difficult period in his life, because “he just joked” or the victim of his meanness is to blame. A person does this only because he likes to do this, and in the game there is little that can stop him, and everyone decides for himself what is right and what is not.

If you are lucky, you will find people in the game with whom you may not be associated with especially trusting and tender relationships, but who nevertheless will remain with you for a long time. This will be a team with which you can plunge into any online world, knowing that later you will not regret the time spent.

Even if all your pastime in an online game boils down to meditative fishing, you need to prepare for it. Just like in real life, a juicy trout is not caught aby where on the dug right on the site of the worm.

In most cases, already at the stage of creating a character, you will have to choose the direction in which it will develop, and it is better to think it out in advance.

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Few people know what an MMOG is. Usually they say – this is an online game like wow / la2, etc. Actually, not exactly. MMOG with English Massive Multiplayer Online Game, which means Multiplayer Online Game. We disassemble in order.

Multiplayer is the ability to play the game simultaneously from two or more players. This is not necessarily a network! Remember the race on Sony Playstation – the screen is divided in half … That’s what it means multiplayer.

In conjunction with the word Massive multiplayer turned into a multiplayer game, i.e. presence of a large number of players in the game.

Online – the ability to play the game on the network (local network, Internet). Those. play one game with multiple computers.

Now you understand what an MMOG is. But, if you look at the exact genre of Vov, La2, then you will see the following: MMORPG.

The first three characters tell us it’s an MMO

Next comes the genre RPG – role-playing game (other genres can be read on Wikipedia).

Why do you ask? Then, to know which technology to choose, how difficult it is to do, etc. If you want to do an Online Naval Battle, then it’s much easier than Online Survival Racing.

So, first we have to make a choice, what will we do. Next, make a diesel drive. This will describe what you want to receive.

Depending on what you want to do, you will need:

Database (bd) – the location of data about the game, users. In any game (even single) there is a means of data storage. So if you want to create a game, then you need to deal with the bd. For beginners who want to make an MMO, I would advise MySQL (one of the DBMS, ie the database management system), because it is easy to learn. It is delivered in the Open Server package together with the web server. Very convenient thing. The topic of the Database will be articles, so do not be scared, you can study and understand everything.

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The game is a set of rules. Since there is a major conflict between you and the other players, it is important that if not all players agree on the rules, you can not say that they are playing the same game. The rules point to the boundaries of the game reality. They say what actions are allowed, which are prohibited. Then David tells about lamer as they are. They create their own rules and live by them. For example, they come just to wild frenzy, when David wins in a fighting game only by a chain of identical shots in a row. Working? Yes. Effectively? Yes. Is it offensive? And how. And is there a rule that prohibits using the same motion indefinitely? No. Victory.

By the way, this means that it is necessary to provide such in development – if suddenly a very effective strategy is not spectacular and easy for reproduction, this can cause offense.

When a worthy opponent appears. If you find a newcomer and do it, it’s not a game. When you find a master and wash it off – this is not a game. But when it becomes possible to compete on an equal footing, and the result is not known in advance, it is like a dialogue on an equal footing. At that moment, the most interesting thing happens.

David believes that the game must meet three important criteria:

Players must be equal before the start. He is referring to the secrecy of the information, but since then the problem of Donate has been vividly raised – and I would add that a good game is one where your non-game resources like money do not give an advantage. Chess with the ability to buy a couple more pieces or upgrade pawns would be weird.

The game should not be random – the learning curve should be such that the interest persists as it develops. If you play Russian roulette – preparation does not change the result. The advantage of players should be in the ability to play stronger when possible to disclose mechanics or with purely intellectual superiority (or in dexterity, for example). When a number of table games were made tournament, the DCI league was formed (a major game magazine). So, the rules had to be remade in the avoidance of a strong accident and dexterity actions – the rules of the league meant only an intellectual duel.

Why online games – not a waste of time?

Many people consider online games a waste of time – and I do not agree with them. First, this is a great way of spending time. In games, you can escape from reality, become some kind of hero and do whatever you want. Do you want to go into space, build ships and fight against enemies? Welcome to Eve Online. Do you attract fantasy? Try Blade and Soul, Black Desert. Do you want to become a commander and the owner of the kingdom? You will like Stronghold Kingdoms.

In MMO (massively multiplayer online) you will interact with other users. This allows you to make new acquaintances, find like-minded people, which is often lacking in reality. Some people just do not understand your hobbies games, but in the virtual world there is no such thing. People communicate, go through tasks together, have fun.

Players are often required to show wit, tactical abilities and other skills to complete the task. For example, before a complex boss you need to learn its features, attacks, and during a fight quickly evade, which develops the reaction speed. In online strategies, you need to calculate tactics and anticipate the moves of rivals.

Modern MMOs are a way to earn money. ESports is developing – a kind of competitive activity when people try to win over another team in a video game. As a profit, we can mention streaming online games, recording video clips, selling game items, downloading accounts for money.

But it is worth noting the disadvantages. For example, some players perceive everything that is happening in the virtual world too seriously, why they show aggression towards others. The next drawback is donat. Often, online games are available for free, but for additional gameplay you will have to pay real money. And the developers of some projects, frankly, are greedy.

Online games are a great way to have fun, to get away from reality. Of course, you need to know the measure, but in general, gaming projects can not be called a waste of time. Man, playing, relaxes, enjoys and realizes dreams.