Online flash game tricks

The game is a set of rules. Since there is a major conflict between you and the other players, it is important that if not all players agree on the rules, you can not say that they are playing the same game. The rules point to the boundaries of the game reality. They say what actions are allowed, which are prohibited. Then David tells about lamer as they are. They create their own rules and live by them. For example, they come just to wild frenzy, when David wins in a fighting game only by a chain of identical shots in a row. Working? Yes. Effectively? Yes. Is it offensive? And how. And is there a rule that prohibits using the same motion indefinitely? No. Victory.

By the way, this means that it is necessary to provide such in development – if suddenly a very effective strategy is not spectacular and easy for reproduction, this can cause offense.

When a worthy opponent appears. If you find a newcomer and do it, it’s not a game. When you find a master and wash it off – this is not a game. But when it becomes possible to compete on an equal footing, and the result is not known in advance, it is like a dialogue on an equal footing. At that moment, the most interesting thing happens.

David believes that the game must meet three important criteria:

Players must be equal before the start. He is referring to the secrecy of the information, but since then the problem of Donate has been vividly raised – and I would add that a good game is one where your non-game resources like money do not give an advantage. Chess with the ability to buy a couple more pieces or upgrade pawns would be weird.

The game should not be random – the learning curve should be such that the interest persists as it develops. If you play Russian roulette – preparation does not change the result. The advantage of players should be in the ability to play stronger when possible to disclose mechanics or with purely intellectual superiority (or in dexterity, for example). When a number of table games were made tournament, the DCI league was formed (a major game magazine). So, the rules had to be remade in the avoidance of a strong accident and dexterity actions – the rules of the league meant only an intellectual duel.